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Cisco Live 2024

Go Beyond at
Cisco Live 2024

Las Vegas, NV | June 2–6, 2024

Cisco Live 2024 is a call to action for innovators, thinkers, and doers to come together and explore the frontiers of AI technology. The event will be a hub of inspiration where you can learn about working more efficiently and securely, leveraging the power of smart technology. Join us for a collective journey to transcend current capabilities and Go Beyond the conceivable limits in technology and innovation.

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Cisco NVIDIA AI Infrastructure

We’re making it easier than ever to enable the computing power that enterprises need to succeed in the AI era.

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Experience new performance standards

By combining the collaborative capabilities of Cisco X-Series with the compute power of NVIDIA GPUs, common challenges of application performance, user experience, and the ability to execute advanced analytics, disappear.

Whether it’s collaborating on projects, conducting remote meetings, or leveraging advanced computing capabilities—the powerful combination empowers workers to achieve more in their respective roles.

Optimal Performance

Cisco and Nvidia work together to provide the perfect AI/ML solution.

VDI Webinar Series

Revisiting VDI: Understanding the Modern Landscape

Experts from Cisco and NVIDIA come together to walk you through how VDI has evolved in capabilities, management functionality, and the economic considerations around operating VDI deployments.

Check out the three-part webinar series to learn about the state of VDI today, how modern applications and end-user requirements have impacted the end-user experience, and product and solution options available from Cisco and NVIDIA to deliver the right fit for VDI.

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Unlocking scalable generative AI: Cisco's innovative design

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Simplify desktop delivery to a hybrid workforce.

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Easily scale your VDI deployments.

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VDI’s post-pandemic value - Cisco’s cost-effective solutions for user satisfaction.

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Enhance X-Series with NVIDIA T4 GPUs for better performance and user experience.

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Boost VDI by 65.5%! GPU-accelerated X-Series offers easy upgrades for all worker types.

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On-Premises or Public Cloud? Unlocking the Value of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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