GTC 2024

The conference is over.
The learning isn't.

GTC 2024 is in the books. During the conference you heard from different experts on the latest in AI and ML applications. While there was great information shared, there is still so much more to discover.

You can continue your AI learning process by revisiting Cisco’s GTC 2024 seminars. In each session Cisco experts discussed AI, ML, and accelerated computing and offered insights into how network systems can benefit from AI applications.

The Cisco team prepares to share AI innovations with GTC24 attendees.

GTC24 found Cisco team members exploring all aspects of AI.

Innovative High-Performance Cisco Ethernet Fabrics for AI Infrastructure and Networks

Will Eatherton,
Senior Vice President and Head of Cisco Networking Engineering

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Session S63315

Join us to learn why Cisco's high-performance Ethernet networking and data center scale manageability are so pivotal in running AI clusters equipped with NVIDIA GPUs and DPUs.

We'll explore how Cisco's operational framework ensures enterprise data centers with easily managed, scalable, and advanced AI networking throughout their lifecycle. This is your chance to experience today's AI infrastructure and networking and learn about future innovations.

AI/ML-Ready Networks: Key Requirements and Blueprint for Network Infrastructure and Operations

Andy Sholomon,
Senior Director, Technical Marketing, Cisco Data Center Networking

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Session S63317

In an era of pervasive AI, having AI-ready infrastructure is crucial to scale and manage AI networking needs. Seasoned experts from Cisco will explore what’s involved with building a modern network, tailored for your company's needs.

In this session you will gain insights into high-performance infrastructure and simplified operations for meeting complex business requirements and greater sustainability.

Enabling Enterprise Generative AI with Optimized Ethernet AI Networking

Will Eatherton,
Senior Vice President and Head of Cisco Networking Engineering

Kevin Deierling,
SVP, Networking, NVIDIA

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Session S62521

The rise of Generative AI has prompted enterprises to reimagine their products and business models. To maximize AI’s potential, enterprises must implement an accelerated network infrastructure that supports the performance and efficiency levels required for computationally intensive AI workloads. Additionally, AI/ML network provisioning, management, and observability need to be robust and simple, so that enterprises can rapidly deploy industry-specific Generative AI workloads. This session will explore a modern architecture designed to accelerate Ethernet networking for AI, powered by NVIDIA BlueField and a broad range of compute, network, and storage ecosystem partner solutions.

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